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Code Launch 2015

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Code Lauch 2015 has come to a close!

We got to see some great projects go from zero to something in a very short time, many of you learned new frameworks, and everyone had a great time. For anyone who didn't get a chance to participate, we look forward to seeing you next time!

Thanks to all of our members, and especially our hackathon participants, for making Code Launch 2015 a great success!

Below, you'll find the winning projects. Be sure to give them all a try!


Eat Lunch Screenshot

Eat Lunch

"Where should we go for lunch?" Let us decide for you!

React to Life Screenshot

React to Life

A simple MMS app for posting images to a website.

Sudoku Solver Screenshot

Sudoku Solver

An aid for solving Sudoku puzzles.

Tally Screenshot


A simple time management and goal-tracking application.

Judge's Choice

Tally by Russell Christensen

Tally is a simple task management app.

Built in Rails, Tally is a clean, simple, and easy to use app and the overall pick of the judges for Code Launch 2015.

Tally Screenshot
Eat Lunch Screenshot

Community Pick

Eat Lunch by Layne McNish

Eat Lunch solves the problem of deciding where to eat.

A Rails app utilizing Yelp's and Locu's APIs, Eat Lunch automates searching for restaurants based on your location. Eat Lunch is a very useful tool and was the community's overall pick in our forum vote.

Raffle Winner

React to Life by Robbie dela Victoria

React to Life is a tool to display images sent as an MMS to a specific phone number.

Built using React, Firebase, and Twilio, React to Life is a well-designed and useful app. A clever concept and solid implementation make React to Life a crowd favorite.

React to Life Screenshot
Sudoku Solver Screenshot

Runner Up

Sudoku Solver by Jon Lim

Sudoku Solver is a simple tool to solve sudoku puzzles.

Built in Python using the Flask framework, it was created as a way to get up and running with Python quickly. The code is well-documented and easy to read. It was a delight to watch the code come together and the challenges being overcome.